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Do you want to get rid of that unwanted car in the best possible manner? If yes, you have come to the right place. We, at Ghazni Scrap Metal, can take care of your junk cars, old cars, wrecked cars and smashed cars you don’t need anymore. What more? We will give you cash for your cars Brisbane.


Based in Brisbane QLD, we are one of the leading companies when it comes to scrap cars Brisbane for cash. We help people turn their unwanted cars Brisbane into cash during these tough economic times.


While cash for scrap cars Brisbane is one of the primary reasons why you should go for our professional scrapping services, there is one more reason- easy car removal. It has been observed that people face a lot of troubles while removing their old and unwanted cars. And if they happen to hire wrong people, they may even need to pay for a car removal, leave alone the chance of making money from scrap. This is where our professional “scrap cars for cash” service comes into the picture.


At Ghazni Scrap Metal, we will make car removal a hassle free experience for you besides paying you cash for your scrap cars Brisbane. You no more need to make those time consuming calls to car removal companies. Just give us a call for our free car removal service. We can send a team to your premises for a free estimate on your unwanted car you want to scrap. We pay cash, buy and recycle scrap cars and vehicles, including trucks at a good rate. We will pay you cash for your unwanted scrap car right on the spot. Please note that we are fully licensed and accredited to do this job.


More and more people in Brisbane have started relying on our efficient and professional car removal services. We also provide our clients with transport and experienced staff to collect, clear and dismantle their unwanted cars Brisbane, whenever it is possible. We offer our pick up services in most of the areas across Brisbane, including Acacia Ridge, Albion, Bald Hills, Camp Hill, Darra, Fairfield Hamilton, and many other places.


We continuously strive to achieve 100% client satisfaction, and this is what keeps us motivated to introduce customer-centered solutions.


Our cash for scrap cars Brisbane includes the following key aspects:

  • Free car removal Brisbane
  • Free pickup and cash paid
  • Cash paid for unwanted car or truck, in any condition
  • Cash paid even for cars with no wheels or rusted out
  • Cash paid for damaged, smashed or wrecked cars

By using our cash for scrap cars Brisbane service, you can rest assured of a quality service besides being paid to get rid of that discarded car parked in your driveway. We also specialise in the following:

  • All types of towing in Brisbane
  • Junk or old car removals
  • Buying scrap metals
  • Scrap metal recycling
  • Free Car Removal
  • Car disposal or recycling

How does cash for scrap cars work

We, at Ghazni Scrap Metal, can take care of your old, unwanted car the way you want. It’s easy, fast and free to scrap your car. You only need to fill in our online request form, giving all necessary details. We will contact you to arrange a convenient time to collect your vehicle. We pay for scrap cars on the spot. Rest assured, all your personal details will be kept highly confidential in our secure server.


The growing environmental concern has both individuals and companies act more responsibly. We undertake the removal of hundreds of scrap cars Brisbane every week, and we do it in a convenient, friendly and most importantly, environmentally friendly way.


Help your Environment

When you decide to hire a responsible company to recycle your old scrap cars, you are actually contributing towards the conservation of our environment in your own way. By recycling your old car, you can help cut down on pollution. So, if you have unwanted cars in Brisbane, contact us now. It will not cost you even a single penny to get them scrapped and that too in an environmentally friendly way.


We provide our car removal service for scrapping all 7 days in a week. Call us at any time to let us collect your car. We make the process as simple and convenient as possible, with no unnecessary strings attached. This is what makes us one of the leading scrap car disposal companies based in Brisbane.


Scrap cars for cash is fast becoming a popular and convenient way of disposing unwanted cars in Brisbane. If you too want your old car removed, feel free to contact us. We will assist you in every possible way.


We are a just a call away; so feel free to contact us whenever you want to get rid of that unwanted car.

We pay top cash for cars and the cash car removal.


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